Journal Listing

  • Journal of Undergraduate Chemistry Research (JUCR)

    The Journal of Undergraduate Chemistry Research is a new peer review journal that is published quarterly with papers of original research performed by undergraduates. Authorship may be by the student or their professor. The Journal of Undergraduate Chemistry Research publishes papers of original research performed by undergraduates on all aspects of chemistry including analytical, organic, inorganic, physical, polymers and biochemistry. Articles about laboratory experiments to be used in the teaching of chemistry are not appropriate.
  • Journal of Young Investigators (JYI)
    Journal of Young Investigators

    JYI is the premier science journal for undergraduates and is run entirely by talented students from over 50 academic institutions around the world. Featured in Nature, The New York Times, and Science, among others, JYI aims to promote undergraduate science research through monthly publications of scientific manuscripts, features and news articles, and information pertinent to careers in science.
  • The Oswald Review (TOR)
    Department of English, University of South Carolina-Aiken

    The Oswald Review (TOR) is an international intercollegiate journal of undergraduate research and criticism in the discipline of English. TOR is a refereed journal; all submissions are subject to blind review by an editorial board made up of faculty from various colleges.
  • The Valley Humanities Review
    Lebanon Valley College English Department

    The Valley Humanities Review is an online journal devoted to undergraduate research in the humanities. It publishes one issue each spring and runs two annual contests with $500 prizes: a competition for high school students and one for LVC students. VHR is housed in the Department of English at Lebanon Valley College. More information can be obtained by visiting
  • Undergraduate Research Journal for the Human Sciences
    Kappa Omicron Nu

    This project of the Undergraduate Research Community will create a framework and community to augment the scholarship of learning and teaching in preparing students for graduate education, the workplace, and responsible citizenship. It will serve as a catalyst for increasing the experiential content of undergraduate education in the human sciences. In other words, this project develops a model to advance both undergraduate student development and a national undergraduate research agenda for the human sciences. The mission of the Undergraduate Research Community (URC) is a dynamic and pervasive culture of the human sciences for developing the next generation of scholars. Articles submitted for publication are peer reviewed by college faculty.
  • Young Scholars in Writing: Undergraduate Research in Writing and Rhetoric
    University of Missouri, Kansas CityUniversity of Missouri, Kansas City

    Young Scholars in Writing: Undergraduate Research in Writing and Rhetoric is a refereed journal dedicated to publishing research articles written by undergraduates in a wide variety of disciplines associated with rhetoric and writing. It is guided by these central beliefs: (1) that research can and should be a crucial component of rhetorical education and (2) that undergraduates engaged in research about writing and rhetoric should have opportunities to share their work with a broader audience of students, scholars, and teachers through national publication. Young Scholars in Writing is intended to be a resource for students engaged in undergraduate research and for scholars who are interested in new advances or theories relating to language, composition, rhetoric, and related fields.