Possible Funding Resources

There are four basic types of funding sources:

  • Government
  • Private industry
  • Foundations
  • Professional organizations

Many government agencies provide funding to individuals and teams of researchers to work on specific types of research projects. Examples of government agencies that provide financial support include:

Many private companies provide grants and/or materials and supplies in support of research. Examples of companies that provide targeted support include:

  • Honda (e.g., fuel cells and robotics);
  • DuPont; (e.g., polymer science broadly defined); and
  • L’Oreal (personal care products)

Privately funded foundations are another good source of funding for research. Examples of foundations that provide financial support to researchers include:

Finally, professional organizations represent still another possible source of funding for your research project. Examples of professional organizations that provide support for research include:

There are a number of useful tools that you can use to identify possible funding sources. A number of these can be freely accessed via the world-wide-web:

However, the majority of the above provide support to scientists and engineers who have completed advanced degrees. That said, there are a number of associations and agencies that provide support for undergraduate research. To this end, Web-GURU has Program Listings that will assist you in identifying possible funding sources specifically targeted to undergraduate researchers.