What can you do with IP?

A lot! For example:

  • Sell it to interested individuals and/or companies (this is referred to as assignment)
  • License the technology to an interested company; or
  • Form a start-up company based on the invention or copyrighted material

If you believe that you have invented something useful, you are strongly encouraged to contact the Technology Transfer Office or entrepreneurial business center at your college or university to learn more about the business opportunities available in support of your IP and its commercialization.


Florida State University Office of Research. Avail. URL: http://www.techtransfer.fsu.edu/
(Note: This site features several stories on the successful commercialization of university developed intellectual property including the anticancer drug taxol).

Techtransfer (U. Michigan). Avail. URL: http://www.techtransfer.umich.edu/index.php